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  The Statesman, 18 May 2015
A Reformed Cop

The Hindu Friday, 22 May 2015
The distant goal of cooperative federalism

Women's Political Empowerment Day Celebrations

The Pioneer, 5 June 2015
Bail is the Rule for Privileged

The Pioneer, 13 May 2015
In the Business of Human Misery

The distant goal of cooperative federalism

Live Mint, 1 May 2013
Panchayats:Hope for dalit rights

The Hindu, 25 April 2013
Visa power that gives no credit to civil society

Hindustan Times, 24 April 2013
They're at home as leaders

The Times of India, 15 April 2013
Panchayati Raj or Collector Raj?

The Hindu, 1 May 2012
One Step at a Time: Women panchayat leaders spearheading novel campaigns tell their tales…

Jansatta, 26 April, 2012
Panchayats Should Emphasis on Health and Education: Deo.

Rajasthan Patrika, 26 April 2012
Panchayats Have Important Role to Play: Kishore Chandra Deo.

Rajasthan Patrika, 30 March 2012
Efforts Are Being Made to Empower Panchayats: Kishore Chandra Deo.

Net News, 28 March 2012
IT Making Panchayats Transparent: Minister.

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CMF Faculty

Advisory Board

Professor Michael D Burgess
Professor of Politics, University of Kent, U.K.

Dr. Rupak Chattopadhyay
President and CEO, Forum of Federations, Canada

Professor Zoya Hasan
National Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research

Professor Christophe Jaffrelot
Senior Research Fellow at CERI-Sciences Po/ CNRS, Paris

Professor John Kincaid
Director, Meyner Centre for State & Local Government, Lafayette College

Professor James Manor
Institute of Commonwealth Studies, SAS, University of London

Dr. George Mathew
Chairman, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.

Professor Partha Nath Mukherjee
Former Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Professor Francesco Palermo
Director EURAC, Bolzano, Italy and President, IACFS

Professor Jean-Luc Racine
Vice President, Asia Centre,and Emeritus Senior Fellow, CNRS, Paris

Professor Indira Rajaraman
Former Member, 13thFinance Commission and Professor NIPFP

Dr. Ash Narain Roy
Director, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi

Professor Cheryl Saunders
Faculty of Law University of Melbourne & Former President IACFS

Professor Nicolaas Steytler
Faculty of Law, University of Western Cape& Former President, IACFS

Professor Douglas Verney
Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto & CASI, U. Pennsylvania

Professor Jan Wouters
Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, University of Leuven

Faculty of the Centre

Professor Balveer Arora
Research Professor Emeritus, Institute of Social Sciences and former Professor of Political Science and Rector, Jawaharlal Nehru, Chairman.

Professor M.P. Singh
Honorary Senior Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences and former Professor of Political Science, University of Delhi, Director of Research.

Professor Rekha Saxena
Honorary Senior Fellow and Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, Vice-Chairman

Honorary Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

A. Senior Fellows

Professor Harihar Bhattacharya
Political Science, Burdwan University, West Bengal

Professor Rekha Chowdhary
Former Head, Political Science, University of Jammu

Professor Partha S.Ghosh
Formerly at South Asian Studies, School of International Studies, JNU

Professor Ashutosh Kumar
Political Science, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Professor G. Gopa Kumar
Political Science &Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kerala, Kasergod

Professor Ajay K. Mehra
Political Science, S. Bhagat Singh College,University of Delhi

Professor Subrata K. Mitra
Director, Institute of South Asian Studies, National Univ of Singapore

Professor Sudha Pai
Former Professor of Political Science and Rector, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Professor Sandeep Shastri
Political Science, Jain University, Bangalore

Professor K.C. Suri
Political Science, Central University of Hyderabad

Professor Vinod Vyasulu
Director, Centre for Budget and Policy Studies ,Bangalore

Professor Gull Mohammad Wani
Head, Centre for Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir, Srinagar

B. Visiting Senior Fellows

Professor Katharine Adeney
Director, Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies, Nottingham University

Professor C.P. Bhambhri
Former Dean, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Professor Krishna Hachhethu
Department of Political Science Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Professor Rahul Mukherji
Chair, Political Science, South Asian Studies, Heidelberg University

Dr. Ligia Noronha
Director, Technology, Industry and Economics, UN Environment Program

C. Fellows

Mr. Tanvir Aiejaz
Political Science, Ramjas College, University of Delhi

Dr. V.N. Alok
Economics, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

Dr. S.K. Jain
Political Science, Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi

Dr. K.K. Kailash
Political Science,University of Hyderabad

Dr. Ellora Puri
Political Science, University of Jammu, Jammu

Dr. Subhendu Ranjan Raj
Political Science, PGDAVE College, University of Delhi

Dr. Papia Sengupta
Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Dr. C.K. Sharma
Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh
Centre for Federal Studies, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi

Dr. Nidhi Srivastava
Juridical Studies, The Energy Research Institute, New Delhi

Dr. H. Kham Khan Suan
Political Science, University of Hyderabad

Dr. Gilles Verniers
Political Science, Ashoka University, Sonepat

D. Visiting Fellows

Ms. Renu Sharma
I.A.S., Doctoral Candidate, CERI, Sciences-Po, Paris.

Dr Stephanie Tawa Lama-Rewal
Political Science, CNRS, Paris

Dr Louise Tillin
Political Science, India Institute, Kings College, London

E. Associate Fellows

Dr Ritesh Bhardwaj
Political Science, Shyamlal College, University of Delhi

Ms. Mona Das
Political Science, Satyawati College, University of Delhi

Mr. Jiya Lal
Political Science, Satyawati College, University of Delhi

Dr. Aditi Malik
Political Science, Northwestern University, USA (Visiting)

Dr. Amna Mirza
Political Science,SPM College, University of Delhi

Dr. Annapurna Sharma
Political Science, MLN College, University of Delhi

Mr. Krishna Murari
Political Science, Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi

Mr. Prakash Kumar Patel
Political Science, Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi

Mr. Chandrachur Singh
Political Science, Hindu College, University of Delhi

F. Research Affiliates

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Jha
Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, DDU College, University of Delhi

Mr. Samir Sharma
Assistant Professor, St Joseph’s College, North Point, Darjeeling

Ms. Avantika Singh
Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, University of Delhi

Communication Incharge:

Mr Krishna Murari

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