Integrating Research with Action

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Regional Centres  

Research is the most important activity of the Regional Centre Puducherry. The Centre is primarily engaged in both theoretical and empirical research on a wide range of issues concerning social sciences from an interdisciplinary approach without compromising the scientific temper. The thrust areas of the Centre's research are democracy, local governance, decentralisation-political and economic, role of youth in realising panchayati raj/local governance, political economy, development, community development, women studies, human rights, transgender studies, health, education, labour, agriculture, and rural development with a regional focus.

Ongoing Research

  • Issues in Local Governance: A Critical Analysis of the Status of Local Governance in Puducherry.
  • Regional Disparities in Human Development in India.
  • India's Employment Policy and its implications.
  • India's Demographic Divide: Implications for Indian Education Policy.
  • Social Mobility in Puducherry.


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